Engineered Design

Nikkei Architecture 2018 1-25 No.1112

Projects Forecast 2018

(Purojyekuto yohou 2018 kachinokoru Toshi)

hclab. was interviewed and asked about Regeneration of vacant houses by using network analysis tool based on time distance.

p.80, “Regeneration of vacant houses by using network analysis tool based on time distance”

What is “AKITENPO FUDOSAN” – regenerate hollowing-out of city

Appear in 2017.12.20

Junko Kunihiro was interviewed and asked about a revitalization of city and a countermeasure for vacant stores in Ome , Tokyo (Ome-shi)

Ogaki Biennale 2017 Symposium

Ogaki Biennale 2017

Sota Ichikawa (Architect/double Negatives Architecture Ltd.)
Kosuke Nagata (Artist/Graduate school of film and new art, Tokyo University of art)
Shohei Matsukawa (Architect/Associate professor, Keio University SFC Faculty Research)

Shigeru Matsui

Kubota Akihiro with engineering background consider “code” not as a method of media art but as media art itself. In other words, he insists that “Value of execution” is essence of media art research. He purposely topicalize “code”, which seems to disappear into background of media art, and discuss about new art concept.

”Making an Engine System of revitalization combining micro enterprise”

Junko kunihiro’s compilation of the outcomes of the review for 5 years in OME was published in Monthly JICHIKEN, November 2017

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