Symposium: “Experiments in “Time Distance Map”


From the period of high economic growth, Kohei Sugiura, famous graphic designer, has been impinging on graphic design all over the world and visual communication, and was particularly noted for his success in graphic design. Hitoshi Watanabe of Waseda university will hold symposium for publish of his book “Experiments in “Time Distance Map”. In this symposium, Kohei Sugiura, hclab and Yoshikazu Nango (Sociologist) are invited to discuss and enrich our understanding for his works.

Symposium: “Experiments in “Time Distance Map” brochure (.pdf)

hclab. digitize “Time Distance Map”, which is one of most popular masterpiece of Kohei Sugiura and also re-examine the accuracy of his work. In order to digitize “Time Distance Map”, we developed original software for “Time Distance Map” and expand this model into powerful index for evaluating cities. You can see this process and results in this book, and of course Kohei Sugiura’s beautiful diagrams.