2020- Visiting lecturer: Toyo University
2019- Advisor: Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center
2019- Visiting lecturer: Tokyo University of Science
2019- Visiting lecturer: Shibaura Institute of Technology
2018- Town manager, Akiruno city Itsukaichi Commercial Association: Itsukaichi Showakai
2013- Town manager, Ome City Center Vitalization Council
2010- Start urban analysis office “hclab.” with Ichikawa and Arai
2009-2012 Vice president and international project manager, Beijing Urban Architecture Atelier, engaged in urban redevelopment projects in China
2007-2008 Employed Sambuichi Architects, engaged in Inujima Art Project
2007 Graduated from Tokyo University of Science,Faculty of Architecture, Tokyo, Japan
1999-2003 Employed Bank of Japan, Research and Statistics Division
1999 Graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Economics, Tokyo, Japan

Part-time lecturer: Meisei University,Shibaura Institute of Technology, Hosei University, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Teikyo University

Takatoshi ARAI
2007, Kyoto University, Department of Architecture, Graduate.
2009, The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Architecture, M.Eng.
2013, The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Architecture, Dr.Eng.
2013-, Assistant professor, Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo.

MA(Tokyo University of the Arts),
Head of doubleNegatives Architecture,
Part-time lecturer: Zokei University(2001-4),
Part-time lecturer: Tama Art University(2001-9),
Part-time lecturer: Department of Architecture the Tokyo University of the Arts (2014-17),
Part-time lecturer: Art Media Center the Tokyo University of the Arts(2014-17),
Studio lecturer: Department of Architecture Graduate School of Engineering the University of Tokyo(2013-17)