Rebuilding a city center in outskirt of Tokyo, with street network analysis

Junko Kunihiro delivered a lecture at a study trip program of National University of Singapore, Urban planning Division.

hclab. analyzed site location property and relationship with existing stores for each vacant stores in city center of Ome.
Based on the result of these analysis,  Ome city center management team used them as a reference to determine the priority of effective measures for rebuilding city center.  She introduced utilization of network analysis as an example for town management process.

Students, majored in urban planning, took strong interests in method of street network analysis, the reason for malfunctioning real-estate market system of local city to come into existence.  There were vigorous questioning among students, teachers and us.


Program: Tokyo Study Trip Program by National University of Singapore, School of Design & Environment / Professor Jugen Rosenmann, 30 students
Date and time: Jan 13,2016 AM9:00-12:00
Location: Lecture Room 222, bld. no.14 Faculty of Engineering, Hongo Campus, Tokyo University
Theme: Urban Renovation in Tokyo
lecturer: Junko Kunihiro(hclab, Ome city town manager),Ryuji Fujimura(RFA),Masato Momiyama(REWRITE)