” New working relationship for city regeneration; authorities, companies and citizens “

2018年6月20日から4日間開催されたヨーロッパ最大の都市フェスティバル “We Make the City”の一企画として、アムステルム大学主催のシンポジウム “New Tokyo Story” の登壇者として、國廣が「都市再生の新しい連携:公民協同のかたち〜東京郊外:青梅市の旧市街地再生」をテーマに講演を行いました。

WeMakeThe.City, is the largest city festival in Europe, taking place from 20 to 24 June. Kunihiro lectured at the symposium ” New Tokyo Story “, held by University of Amsterdam. The title of lecture is ” New working relationship for city regeneration; authorities, companies and citizens; Regenerating old urban area in the suburbs of Tokyo, Ome city”


In that day, 6 Japanese lecturers introduced about real situations of Tokyo under the post mega city age.  The sponsors of this symposium were governments and real estate companies who started to develop suburban cities around Amsterdam.  Holland and Japan are opposite, regarding government power as a body to decide city planning.  But they took the highest interests in the depressed phenomenon of Tokyo central inner cities and suburban cities, and their solutions.

Program: We Make The City, University of Amsterdam / Professor; Zef Hemel, Architect; Moriko Kira
Date and time: Jun 23, 2018 AM9:00-PM6:00
Location: Pakhuis de Zwijger
Theme: NEW TOKYO STORY, symposium on Housing, Living, and Mobility in a Post-Growth Megacity
lecturer: Junko Kunihiro(hclab, Ome city town manager), Naohiko Hino(Architect), Hidetoshi Ohno(Architect), Toshikazu Ishigure(Urbanist),  Shu Yamamura(Urbanist), Atsushi Miura(Sociologist)